Author: shenoyvikram

  • Will physical stores survive the digital onslaught? I’m optimistic but it’ll need work.

    A combination of doubling down on end to end customer experience, using available technology to augment that experience and helping customers make the right choices can help physical stores hold their own. I’m rooting for them.

  • Some of my favourite reads from 2020

    Atomic Habits – The most actionable book I’ve read in years; the go-to guide on how to build sustainable habits. I’ve been successfully able to implement concepts from this book (ex: Habit Stacking). Notes Hell Yeah Or No – I’m a huge fan of Derek Sivers. He is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve come across, […]

  • Go back to first principles. Question everything

    Software companies have largely shifted to remote work in the last few months. A lot of what we thought was impossible in a remote setup is now the norm. The forced shift to remote work has upended age-old beliefs on work culture, what works and what doesn’t. This is the right time to go back […]

  • On Innovation

    Innovation is something most companies aspire to incorporate into everything they do, yet very few companies are successful. It is incredibly hard to predict where the next innovation will come from, but companies can build the right culture, platforms, and processes to increase their odds of innovating consistently.  As with most things, it all begins […]

  • On Hiring

    Hiring can make or break a company. Everything starts with hiring the right talent – the ability to build great products, teams, companies, build unique work cultures, and so much more.

  • Write, write and then write some more

    A culture that emphasizes this kind of asynchronous communication will enable happier, more productive teams. Teams that can do a lot more deep, meaningful work with fewer interruptions.

  • Deep work – your superpower at work

    In a distracted world filled with interruptions, it is becoming increasingly hard to do deep, thoughtful work. Open workspaces, email and chat software make it easy to collaborate, but also enable an always-on culture with an expectation to respond ASAP to all communication. Creating the environment, culture and processes to enable deep work can help companies differentiate and enable better work life balance for their employees.

  • Five business books that have shaped my beliefs

    Over the years, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had mentors that have helped me shape my career and beliefs. I’ve also learnt a lot from my incredibly talented colleagues. But one other source that has been a great mentor for me over the years has been books. Here are five books that have helped me shape my beliefs and helped evolve my thinking.

  • Building a differentiated work culture

    Over the last few years, we’ve worked hard to build a work culture that is open, flat, fair and a culture that makes people feel good about themselves. In this post, I’ve tried to codify the key beliefs that have shaped our culture.