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  • Books on writing well

    The ability to write well is becoming a critical skill in a remote and asynchronous first world. While the best way to learn how to write is to well write, and then write some more, here are a couple of books that I have found useful in honing my writing skills. They are both short […]

  • Some of my favourite reads from 2020

    Atomic Habits – The most actionable book I’ve read in years; the go-to guide on how to build sustainable habits. I’ve been successfully able to implement concepts from this book (ex: Habit Stacking). Notes Hell Yeah Or No – I’m a huge fan of Derek Sivers. He is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve come across, […]

  • Five business books that have shaped my beliefs

    Over the years, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had mentors that have helped me shape my career and beliefs. I’ve also learnt a lot from my incredibly talented colleagues. But one other source that has been a great mentor for me over the years has been books. Here are five books that have helped me shape my beliefs and helped evolve my thinking.